Bat of No Bird Island

"Finally they came to pay respect to me."  

Toppenish Nursery

About 90 or 100 person used to work in warehouse in winter, about 20 Japanese, about 20-25 Russian German, and about 20-25 American. My job generally oversee boys work and take account of their work and workmanship. Sometime called to office to help make out the catalogue. I drive a pickup Ford truck from Donald to Toppenish every day, some day, in the morning, can’t see road with fog. I have to open windshield in very cold morning.  I work best I can for company and they recognize it, treat me with trust.  


Most workmen don’t felt any responsibility for what they do.  There was not inside toilet, and outside toilet they made it very dirty, hardly can stand, so every day after lunchtime, I go and clean up toilet very clean.  At first boys laugh at and mock at me, called me toilet lover.  But, within a few week, the toilet get clean.  Nobody spit chew tobacco or leave toilet dirty.  Finally they came to pay respect to me.  

“So I was like a Bat of no bird island.”

Bat of No Bird Island

School teachers in the time not all graduate of college. Some time, they send some problem to me to explain, and most farmer cannot figure, about the stacked hay. Generally come to me figure out for trade, and some the orchardist come to me about using fertilizer, because in this these time nobody knew about fertilizer, nor recognize its necessary, so nobody knew anything. So I was like a Bat of no bird island.

words by Zenkichi Kikuchi, 1880 - 1965
read in 日本語