"We start to walk, big red sun rising in clear sky, it was imposing."


2 years financial panic, unspeakable worry, suffering, give me sober idea. I realize my mode of life’s mistake, because I tried to do something with other man sacrificing myself. I must build up my own life before try to do anything with other. To do so first of all I need a life partner, the wife, because the man alone can’t live decent. So up to the time I thought it is very premature to get in married life, and I not prepared yet, but I feel I will be do better if I get married. My mother urging me get marry earliest possible, but I been waited. Now my mind changed, but worried of it, I was worst condition in my life in America. I wrote to friend H. Isago. I want get married. If any girl want come to US and marry with me, won’t him introduce me, and I described all my condition, with my future hope. These kind of things really funny in U.S. but very common in Japan. Soon I get an answer himself and my friend looking for. All of my friend talk together decide that one of my friends sister, Hagino Yawata most suitable for, and M. Yawata himself agreed with other friend and talk with family and all agreed to engagement with me…


...We stay in Seattle to buy the clothes and other things and took our photograph to send to Japan and get rest up from tiredness weeks voyage across Pacific Ocean, and get on a train evening of March 8th 1910, arrived Wapato early morning of March 9th. We start to walk, big red sun rising in clear sky, it was imposing. I felt unspeakable emotion, with this young, pure, full of the hope, but inexperienced woman, build up our future life. Responsibility and solemn duty, instead intoxicating with joy of married, the tear came to my eyes.

“Even my sleeve of kimono get print
of beautiful and fragrant Hagi Blossom”


Hagino’s education had been like other Japanese girl in the time, but she grew up as only girl among three brothers, so has thinking more like boy than girl and she had its of dreams like other youngster in city of Mizusawa, the city where so many noted national and world figures, so her ambition was more than just bread and butter.  

in later years she read the book of archeology by Prince Takamatsu, she felt that most of Japanese woman in this country get old without reading or thinking, so bought several books, distribute among her friends.  When I read books of Pearl Buck or something like biography of Madam Curie of Poland, she followed me by chapter by chapter, and enjoyed.  She was not religious and (she was) free from superstition.  When she was in bed in hospital, told by someone to pray to the god, but she smiled, believing more in the sciences and modern medicine. 

Poem Of Lady Rasu About The Hagi Blossom

Miyagi no o fu u wake
Ikeba ureshikamo waga tamoto made
Hagi no Hanazuri

Strolled through the wild of miyage
parting through dewy trail as I go
O how delightful!
Even my sleeve of kimono get print
of beautiful and fragrant Hagi Blossom

words by Zenkichi Kikuchi, 1880 - 1965
read in 日本語