Miura family


Last week I traveled up to northern Honshu to visit relatives.  I first visited the Miura family, relatives on my great grandmother's side who live in Sendai.  Izumi, in the picture above, is the granddaughter of my great grandmother's brother.  My parents tracked down their family when they were living in Japan in the early 1970's, and we have been close to them ever since.  Takuya Miura, who lives in Sendai, generously put together an amazing itinerary for my visit, which included traveling to Esashi for a festival to experience the traditional Deer Dance (shishiodori), viewing the devastation of the Sendai coastline from the tsunami, staying at a hotspring resort, visiting a museum devoted to all senses other than sight, visiting the Miyazawa Kenji museum...  It was action packed.  I'm so grateful to them for their generosity.  Click photo below to scroll through images.  Please see separate posts for the shishiodori and the tsunami.  Miura family members not pictured: Mutsumi (super busy with work), and Wataru (traveling in India).