Akai Suiren: Red Water Lily

Zenkichi had written out the lyrics to this song and kept it with the record, perhaps it was a favorite.  

I am a China girl who dreams.
Fuyo* is falling and falling. In the window waiting for you.
A flower is nine. A flower is nine. A wish is one.

Thinking of my brother*. Tears are falling.
Rain falls over my hand wiping.
Autumn to deepen. The Great Wall of China.
Birds singing, birds singing. Awaiting for spring to come.



Peking* - the former English name of Beijing
lighting-up time* - at dusk or in the evening twilight
Fuyo* - Confederate rose. Often used to describe beautiful women.
my brother* - older brother
You are the origin of the sun* - you are the son of Japan.

A red water lily. Swinging gently.
Your black hair. Fragrant of wind.
On a boat of love. Two people who dream.
Waves to move. To a land of happiness.

You are an origin of the sun*. A boy of a cherry tree.
I am a homeland. A flower of lily.
Although different flowers. Our thoughts are one.
Waiting for Asia’s, waiting for Asia’s. A morning of flower opening.

Flower of Peking*. At lighting-up time*.Akai Suiren: Red Water Lily
Music: Masao Koga
Lyrics: Yaso Saijo
Year: 1939

Translation: Etsuko Ichikawa

words by Zenkichi Kikuchi, 1880 - 1965
read in 日本語